Concretely, what are we up to?

Do we feel like we can reverse climate change when we're 15 years old? Do we feel like we have an impact on biodiversity loss when we're study accounting or mechanics? That we can change the sector of marketing or publicity when we haven't graduated yet?  

More often than not, the answer is no. Because these issues are so vast, so impressive, so globalised, it can be complicated to feel like we can act. Yet, we are all concerned. Not only environmentalists, policy makers or marketing experts but EVERYONE

Therefore, The Green Seeds Project has chosen to focus its interventions on 3 concrete topics on which we can ALL act daily. 

These 3 topics are fashion, plastic and food, all within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We then tailor our interventions to high school or higher education students. 

But that's not all! Keep reading to know more :)



Topic choice in collaboration with the educator

Fashion: Social and environmental issues, overconsumption and life cycle, waste management and pollution 

Plastic: Environmental issues and waste management, ocean pollution and health consequences 

Food: Social and environmental issues, climate change and animal ethics

For higher education students, we also propose interventions more tailored to their curriculum such as the SDGs, ethical marketing and communication and  sustainable entrepreneurship 


3 interventions

Screening of a documentary to introduce the issues in a recreational but filter free way (1h30)​

In-depth examination of the issues and debate to discuss and exchange on all the aspects and interrogations of the students  (1h30/2h)

Workshop to come up with concrete solutions that are applicable in the students' and their communities' everyday life  (1h30/2h)

Depending of the availabilities of the group, the interventions can be gathered in 1 or 2 steps instead of 3 and  be tailored to be shorter/longer 


Follow up and support of the project

After the workshop, should the students wish to actually implement  their project, we support them and their educator in its realisation by providing them with guidance and support. 

It also happens that schools/universities are interested in the development of sustainability related projects/initiatives with their students, on their campus or within curriculums. The Green Seeds Project supports them in the development and implementation of these initiatives towards a more sustainable education.

Example of implemented projects: Awareness raising campaign within a school, development of a clothing swap application, request for the creation of a veggie garden.


Events and actions

We are convinced that learning does not only happen in the classroom and some of the best ideas we've heard from youth has confirmed that. 

Therefore, The Green Seeds Project organises various events to stimulates this innovation and encourage youth to experiment the topics previously discussed.   

We are planning to organise an entrepreneurship contest for "sustainable" ideas with a jury of influencers and a cool price at the end! 

A day to clean up waste but at the beach to enjoy fresh air and the sun! 

Themes day within urban vegetable gardens. 


The Green Seeds Project

TGSP is an NGO based in Brussels but acting throughout the world to support awareness raising of youth on environmental issues