Who are we?

Climate change, biodiversity loss, soils and oceans pollution are significant threats to our planet and especially to generations Y and Z who will be facing the most the many consequences (estimated at 2030 for climate change and 2050 for plastic pollution in the oceans notably). 


Yet, it can be difficult to feel concerned by these threats, often perceived as distant and intangible. 

At The Green Seeds Project, we are aware of this difficulty because our own awareness and interest only arrived late in our lives due to little information available. But we are also convinced that young generations hold a real power of influence thanks to their consumption choices and their global influence on social media. 

We are equally persuaded that the environment, sustainability and overall the protection of nature is everyone's business. And that every student, whatever their school, social economic background or future career can and should be made aware of the issues facing our planet in order to become a powerful vector for change or how we like to call it: a "green seed" for the planet! 

So what do we propose? Interventions within classes of secondary and higher education on a range of concrete topics (fashion, plastic and food) linked to daily consumption as well as inter-school activities. The goal is to give EVERY single youth the will to develop new habits and to make them aware of the incredible power of action that they hold. Finally, we want them to realise that sustainability represent a viable professional opportunity! 


Chloé Mikolajczak


Having grown up in Paris without much contact with nature, our founder has been for a long time, an "over consumer" without realising the impacts of her purchases. A documentary on palm oil at 17, a solo trip and a real wake up call later, she decided to pursue a Masters of Environmental Science and Management at ULB and to make the protection of the planet her career while changing her lifestyle to be coherent with her values. Working today as a sustainability consultant, she is convinced of the need to communicate better the environmental issues  linked to our consumption habits and the many existing alternatives to as many people as people and in particular to young generation who represent an incredible vector for change.  

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors: we borrow it from our children”

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Our mission

1. Raise awareness about the impacts of our consumption choices and promote existing alternatives

2. Encourage and support the young project participants to to think and develop their own ideas and solutions to the issues discussed 

3. Support the educators in the activities linked to the environment 

4. Create a physical and online community of participants and educators to learn and innovate in an inspiring and engaging way 


Our vision

A world where each youth feels concerned about environmental issues and is an actor of a fairer and more sustainable society 

A world where each youth, whatever his/her birthplace, his/her gender, his/her social economic background or his/her environment has access to quality education and is supported and encouraged in his/her ideas and initiatives. 

The Green Seeds Project

TGSP is an NGO based in Brussels but acting throughout the world to support awareness raising of youth on environmental issues