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Empower a generation to act for the planet

Climate change, biodiversity loss, soils and oceans pollution are significant threats to our planet and especially to generations Y and Z who will be facing the most the many consequences (estimated at 2030 for climate change and 2050 for plastic pollution in the oceans notably). 


Yet, it can be difficult to feel concerned by these threats, often perceived as distant and intangible. 

At The Green Seeds Project, we are aware of this difficulty. But we are also convinced that young generations hold a real power of influence thanks to their consumption choices and their global influence on social media. 

We are equally persuaded that the environment, sustainability and overall the protection of nature is everyone's business. And that every student, whatever their school, social economic background or future career can and should be made aware of the issues facing our planet in order to become a powerful vector for change or how we like to call it: a "green seed" for the planet! 

So what do we propose? Interventions within classes of secondary and higher education on a range of concrete topics (fashion, plastic and food) linked to daily consumption as well as inter-school activities. The goal is to give EVERY single youth the will to develop new habits and to make them aware of the incredible power of action that they hold. Finally, we want them to realise that sustainability represent a viable professional opportunity! 

Our objectives, Vision & Engagement

What do we do and how do we do it

Students, teachers, projects, let's talk!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

Raise awareness

On concrete issues, through the screening of documentaries and the analysis of social media d


The challenges, ask any questions, exchange and develop critical thinking


Develop concrete and easily applicable solutions for a more responsible consuption

So far


Students reached in 4 different schools


Say they want to change or would consider changing their consumption habits following The Green Seeds Project intervention


Recommend the project to their friends

Let's support together

A generation full of ideas for the planet
The Green Seeds Project

TGSP is an NGO based in Brussels but acting throughout the world to support awareness raising of youth on environmental issues